Istanbul Bilgi University,
From clay to ceramic end product and its communication, via experimentation and questioning norms, we have worked with Gorbon Ceramics to individually design ceramic products that go together within the dining context and collectively design the setting to showcase these products. Online studio.
With Yeşim Eröktem; Teaching assistant Tuğçe Ecem Tüfek

- Poster by Serenay Coşar, Graceful Nag by Nehir Tükenmez, Poster by Nehir Tükenmez, Abundance by Serenay Coşar,
Etoile by Sude Seyhan, Motio by Nazlı Karayalı, Poster by Lina Ovale,
Poison by Cansu Salcı, Wanna Eat by Şimal Şahin, Oinos by Bijan Öztürk