kümülatif have organized their first exercise at İstanbul İkitelli Industrial Site, with participation of six designers. Immersed in this environment; we have lived/observed/tinkered/drew/made together. We challenged ourselves to run a democratic design and production process, while responding to the cultural, material and economic characteristics of the location. the new industry: uncertain geometry collection explores subverts a CNC router and an embroidery machine; pushing these processes to their limits while allowing the qualities of the machinery and properties of matter such as weight, surface texture, reflectivity, and temperature to inform the aesthetic of the objects. The collection comprises of two mirrors, photo holders, a bowl, a container and a soft surface.

Aluminium, copper, leather
Exhibited at the Brompton Design District / London Design Festival 2015
Fernando Laposse (CSM) / Florie Salnot (MA RCA) / Klemens Schillinger (MA RCA) / Osman Can Özcanlı (UW–Madison) / Ayşenaz Toker (MA RCA) / Billur Turan (MA RCA)

Akar Lazer Sanayi / Aybakan Örme Sanayi / Ceyteks Tekstil ve Nakış Sanayi / Mavi       Metal Makine   Sanayi / Melih Kayhan / İbrahim Kekeç / Mir Paslanmaz Ürünleri Sanayi / Pano Metal ve Plastik Sanayi / Pınar Çelik Sanayi                                  

Visual Identity:
Necdet Şahin

Damla Yılmaz

Photography styling:
Ayşenaz Toker / Billur Turan

Arif Mare

Moving image:
Jozef Erçevik Amado / Mert Kayhan / Melih Kundakçıoğlu / Michael Önder