Product designer and design educator working on furniture, public furniture, accessories, toys, games and rituals & spells. With PARÇA; I researches materials & trades of making vernacular to İstanbul to design and produce objects that disregard material hierarchies, and are open to repair and repurpose.

In my personal work, I am interested in alternative ways of relating with everyday environment and materials, that are unmediated by the dominant ideological or commercial structures. I uses tools of design to investigate the interplay between material and form of things, and the capacities they manifest. Through re-contextualising and re-approraiting the vernacular materials & forms; supernatural  associations & histories surrounding the human made; she creates visual, material and ritual assemblages where the subjective borders about position and capacity of things are not strict but multiple.

I have received my B.ID. from METU in 2005 and MA from RCA in 2009. I have worked for London based designer Faye Toogood as Head of Product Design, exhibited in Milan Design Week and London Design Festival, won national awards with public furniture, designed objects and organised workshops and talks as the founder member of design collective kümülatif.  I am also half of a design coven “object*oriented*magic”, who designs magical assemblages using everyday objects as ingredients by researching and employing the vernacular esoteric knowledge; and participated in the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial and Porto Arquiteturas Film Festival.

As an educator, I has been teaching at the İstanbul Bilgi University since 2014. I have published papers on relations between craft, design and education and taught workshops and organized exhibitions with people with diverse backgrounds; including craftspeople for İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, art and design students for Krabbesholm Hojskole in Denmark, and international artists and designers for Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts.