Mis-Shapes are a collection of tabletop objects and containers containers with different sizes and uses for everyday things: incense, pens, grapes, keys, almonds, earrings, sweets, cotton balls, popcorn, chocolate, coins, spares and parts.

Rubber furniture feet (used in ferries), acrylic offcuts from signmaking workshops and hand-spun brass lamp parts are manipulated and stacked to create forms exploring with the form the gesture of handling. Objects consist of minimal materials with alternative functional capacities, and secured with solid brass and bakalite fasteners from chandelier parts suppliers, making them open to be repaired and repurposed.

The collection appropriates and subverts already existing network of materials, making trades and components & spare parts vernacular to vernacular to historical Şişhane and Karaköy districts of İstanbul—vibrant urban production areas with hardware supply, and spare parts for machines and tools, raw materials and welders -thanks for being close to the harbour- and also a network of ligthing workshops and material suppliers.

PARÇA design objects disregard material hierarchies and pay attention to components as individuals by bringing together materials and components with different perceived values. Producing in small quantities and custom, all components are made and assembled by hand in small scale workshops in İstanbul; aiming to sustain the vibrant urban production and craft network.
Brass, Acrylic, Rubber, Nickel coated steel, Powder coated steel, Bakalite