I am a product designer and instructor at the İstanbul Bilgi University Department of Industrial Design. I have received my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Product Design from Middle East Technical University and my MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art; worked for London based designer Faye Toogood as Head of Product Design; organised workshop and talks as the founder member of kümülatif, a design collective process as a non-hierarchical experience; designed furniture, public furniture, accessories, toys and interiors; taught workshops, organized exhibitions and wrote papers on relations between craft, design and education.

I am intrigued by the implicit language of things and their intersection with the visual rhymes of everyday. In my personal work, I investigate how people engage (and have done so) with human-made, both on a physical and cultural level. I am interested in exploring references and the meanings attached and created through this engagement; the associations and histories surrounding the overlooked and the familiar. I collect, combine and transpose associations surrounding objects: that of use, posture, material, finish, color, texture, structural composition, production technique. By combining and re-attribute these meanings, I design simple, honest but bold and buoyant products, hoping to be sensual and long living.

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